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Do e-commerce companies need to set up local companies or branches to sell on EU-markets?

Internago recently had a case with a Nordic e-commerce company selling consumer goods online to a few EU-markets. In this particular case, the company wanted to know if they were obliged to register a local company or a branch in order to pursue sales on the French...

How much does it cost to employ people in France?

Internago often gets the question of how much it costs to employ staff in France, which is why we want to share some information about this topic. This blog is an introduction to how to calculate the cost and to explain the different salary components. In practise it...

Payroll in Italy – this is what you should know!

Payroll in Italy - an introduction If you are planning to setting up a new company in Italy, you might have started to think about how to organize your payroll.  In general, the Italian labor law system can be considered quite complex and full of peculiarities, and it...

TFR calculation in Italy (severance pay) – this is what you should know

The Italian TFR or "Trattamento di Fine Rapporto" is something that many foreign employers are curious about. The TFR is something all employers are required to set a side as a severance payment for the employees, and it is paid to the employee when they leave...

Internago selected for cost analysis on multiple markets for food retail chain

Internago Business Advisory Services recently performed an establishment analysis for a large food retail chain.    The objective was to quickly get information regarding rules and regulations as well as a cost / risk overview of the employment of a large number of...

Seminar in Paris: The Nordic and global stock markets – perspectives and outlook

The Swedish and the Nordic stock markets have had particularly strong growth in the last few years. In comparison with many other European stock markets, including the French CAC40 (see compartive chart to the right) the Swedish stock exchange has been outperforming...

How are companies taxed in France? These are the main rules.

French corporate tax rates depend on the legal structure, turnover and profit. Companies in France are taxed either on income (impôt sur le revenu) or at corporate tax (impôt sur les sociétés) depending of the legal structure of the company. SA (société anonyme), SAS...

Setting up a company in Italy – this is what you should know

More than 590 000 foreign owned companies in Italy Italy is increasingly attractive to foreign investors. The number of international businesses in Italy is increasing at a steady pace. At the end of 2017, it reached the 590,000-mark, almost 10% of all companies doing...

Setting up a company in Sweden – this is what you should know

Over 14 000 foreign companies in Sweden  Sweden is an attractive market for foreign companies. Politically stable and economically very attractive with strong consumer purchasing power and internationally competitive industry. The number of foreign-owned companies in...

Employing and setting up payroll in France – a quick guide

You have made the decision to establish your business in France and you plan to hire employees. The first step is to establish your company and register it at the Commerce Register (“Greffe”).  This will require drafting your company’s articles of incorporation and...

Internationalization made easy


Internago means working with one dedicated team for all your needs when it comes to international incorporation, bookkeeping, payroll and advisory services.

We make your international operation easier and affordable by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum and by making sure you get up to speed on new markets.

In addtion to our personal service, our online tool, the Internago Web Portal gives managers a good overview of subsidiaries and any onboarding workflows.

With our advisory services, our network of local lawyers, accounting firms and tax experts we ensure that you get the best possible assistance regardless of the market you are working on. 

– “I would definitely recommend Internago to other companies that want to reduce their time to market”

Rickard Lundström

CFO, Rototilt Group AB

Bookkeeping and payroll on international markets

– Local teams of payroll consultants and accountants 

– GDPR compliant processes and web system

– Web based payroll workflow of time attendance and approval process

– App-based expense management system

– Multiple languages and adaptability to international markets’ preconditions

– Technical integration to partners’ and customers’ own systems

Internago means one point of contact and one interface towards your business on international markets

We take care of all your administrative procedures regarding your company and subsidiaries.

Through the Internago Web Portal, you can access and monitor everyting from one global interface:

  • Payroll (time attendance and approval workflow)
  • Overview of company structure
  • Company formation
  • VAT and certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Office addresses

It is the perfect web tool for all  documents related to your administration on international markets!

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