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Your one-stop payroll solution. Be more efficient and save valuable time by managing your international payroll through Internago.

Your markets are our markets

Internago provides payroll and related services covering most major European markets - including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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Simple, efficient and powerful


Simplify the onboarding process by using our platform to upload employee and payroll data.

Store and manage all payroll and employee data in one place online. Instant access to personal information‎, salary details, employment contracts, insurance policies, and absence records. As your business evolves, easily add new employees and update salaries, bonuses and other details.

Utilise our payroll platform to improve business efficiency. ‎Approval processes and delegation levels can be defined and customised, and reminders set around important deadlines. In short, the perfect tool for a trouble-free payroll process.

With payroll information in one place, we make it easier for you to manage your employees on an international basis. You will have the data to inform decisions, and to enable your HR team to be more proactive and productive.

Why Internago?

International payroll can be challenging, but it is important and has to be done.

And we have the perfect tool to help you with payroll and a variety of other HR tasks. You can efficiently store and manage employee and payroll data in one place, controlled via one online interface. All you have to do is check and approve.

All Salary data perfectly prepared

Replace excel sheets and checklists with our payroll portal.

All payroll data is managed by Internago. We work in partnership with you. You oversee, check, and approve.

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Internago payroll portal - one software for all your payroll needs

Store, handle and transfer documents, payslips and more in a secure ‎and GDPR compliant way.

Share information with colleagues and service providers. Control access rights and passwords in a single online interface.

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What's next?

Internago offers a wide range of services ‎to support your international business. Our experts are available to answer your questions on our payroll services, to arrange a demo of our portal, and generally to guide you.

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