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Strongly driven by technology and innovation, Internago constantly strives to make our customers' lives easier by reducing their administrative burden to a minimum with the increased control that digitalisation offers

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About us

Internago is a service and SaaS company founded in Sweden 2017. The co-founders have a profound knowledge of working with international clients on international markets. This experience, along with a passion for technology and sustainability in business, were the main pillars when starting Internago.

To simplify international payroll Internago created their own web platform. This platform fully supports the various payroll processes in multiple countries. This allows clients to save valuable time and provides full transparency when administering and managing personnel on a variety of markets.

With Internago your international business gets a trusted partner with a single point of entry. We’re on a journey to modernise cross-border payroll. Join us on this journey today!

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What's next?

Internago offers a wide range of services ‎to support your international business. Our experts are available to answer your questions on our payroll services, to arrange a demo of our portal, and generally to guide you.

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