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Payroll and HR Management

International payroll can be challenging, but it is important and has to be done. And we have the perfect tool to help you with payroll and a variety of other HR tasks.

You can efficiently store and manage employee and payroll data in one place, controlled via one online interface. All you have to do is check and approve.

Time and absence

With Internago’s payroll portal, you have the perfect tool to manage your international employees in one single interface.

It’s simple to use and gives your company the possibility to use the same system for your domestic and international employees when registering absence, vacations and other deviations.

All is done directly on the portal. By handling everything in the same place your management and HR will have a clear calendar overview of all absences which significantly improves personnel planning.

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Expense Management

Sick of handling excel sheets and emails with expense reports?

Our built-in expense management tool standardises this work for all your employees and on all your international markets.

Using a simple online access, it provides a quick overview of all your expenses. With a smooth and easy registration process, as well as a rapid and easy handling and approval of errands, your previous time is saved, and your company’s internal efficiency is increased.

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Having foreign workers also means handling multiple languages.

Our portal comes with the option of language adaptation. This means that it can be easily updated to allow for the integration of languages or other related adjustments in accordance with your organisation’s needs.

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Payroll workflow

Many organisations have multiple approving managers and several different roles.

A local director that may handle the absence management for his or her employees, but it is the responsibility of central HR to manage payroll and absences of that local director.

As all our customers have their specific requirements, we have created an advanced configuration tool to handle your organisation’s specific needs and payroll workflow. This will eliminate the risk of error and make your payroll workflow more efficient and secure.

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Access 24/7

Access your payroll data and employee data at any time from anywhere thanks to our mobile device login and real time notiflications.

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What's next?

Internago offers a wide range of services ‎to support your international business. Our experts are available to answer your questions on our payroll services, to arrange a demo of our portal, and generally to guide you.

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