Internago Web Portal 

With Internago’s web portal you can cut costs and increase efficiency, while still having maximum control over you international business.

We offer international payroll management and software, HR management, global subsidiary management and secure file sharing – all in one place.

Choose all, or only the specific module that suits your needs.

Payroll & HR management 

Internago’s international payroll software is the perfect tool for handling payroll and HR related tasks in multiple subsidiaries.

Increase your control and efficiency by using our single online  interface for all your international subsidiaries.


  • Absence and time management
  • Expense management
  • Accept/decline workflow, configurable for enabling multiple approvers
  • Real time notifications
  • Easy communication and simple to use
  • Mobile device login
  • Multilanguage

Incorporation & global subsidiary management

Handle information and documentation for setting up new companies globally. Use the cloudbased archive for secure storage of business critical information.


  • Overview of international subsidiaries
  • Workflow for setting up new subsidiaries 
  • Structured data and document handling, e.g. fiscal information, post handling, and statutory signatures
  • Real time notifications
  • Multilingual

Document Management

Share and exchange files in a secure and GDPR compliant manner with our Share Documents solution. Internago ShareDoc is designed to improve your document workflow, and makes it easy and secure to exchange, control, authorize and approve documents and sensitive data in- and outside your organization. 


  • Share hyperlinks to authorised external and internal stakeholders
  • GDPR conformity
  • E-mail notification to authorised users
  • Add users and control access based on need-to-know basis

"The ShareDoc module greatly facilitates the sharing of information and files containing personal data in accordance with GDPR's security requirements. Perfect for payroll management and questions about payslips and declarations to individuals and companies"

– Ida-Sofie Brag

Ylvida Redovisning AB

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