International business – we make it simple

International subsidiary management, HR and payroll software combined with professional business advisory services

Internago provides one solution and one interface for your international business

Local experts combined with digital tools developed to save time and increase control for your international operations


Internago offers a complete range of services to support your existing or new business as trusted advisors on international markets. We handle complex, multi market incorporation, payroll, accounting and advisory projects for our customers.

We can support you from set-up, to delivery and beyond.


Internago Web Portal offers one interface to control and manage your subsidiaries, HR, payroll, expenses and corporate documents on multiple markets.

Choose different modules and combine them to match your needs. The software adapts to your requirements and is configurable with access and authority control. 


Save cost and time in your international operations 

When working with Internago you get access to one dedicated team with long experience from internationalization. 

In addition to our consultancy and advisory services and strong international network, we have developed a set of digital tools that supports our customers to make their international operations simple by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum.


International payroll in one single interface

Are you tired of managing payroll with different suppliers in different format for your subsidiaries? Do you need an integration software for your international payroll?

Our customers appreciate the Internago Web Portal where we consolidate global HR-and payroll management related information in one single interface.

Managing your international business doesn’t have to be hard

With Internago you can manage all business critical documentation, payroll documents, contracts and more in one place  

All our services are supported by our software – your toolbox for international operations

Transfer, store and handle documents, payslips and more in a secure and GDPR compliant way with the Internago Web portalShare relevant information with your colleagues or clients and control access rights and passwords in a single online interface

One online interface

Access and share all information you need for your international subsidiaries in one single interface

Project management

With Internago you work with one dedicated team for all your markets. We take care of all your administrative needs


Set up your new company and transfer data in a safe and secure way in our incorporation module

Online Payroll

Internago supports you in setting up one consolidated payroll system for all your international operations

Salaries and taxes

Get an instant overview of payslips, salaries and monthly costs in easy-to-access diagrams 


Secure share file

Share and exchange files in a secure and GDPR certified manner with our secure share file function 

Human Resources

Set up employee contracts through our easy to use templates – store and update employee information online

Contracts and agreements

Internago offers a cloudbased solution for storing all your important documents and agreements world wide

Monthly reporting

Access montly reports from your subsidiaries each month. Handle and transfer your business  information from one place