We are dedicated to reduce administrative tasks and make your international business simpler with increased control.

After working for many years handling the complexity that comes with establishing a subsidiary and running payroll with local staff on foreign markets, the co-founders Robert, Vilhelm and Kristofer decided to make it their mission to reduce the administrative obstacles that a company encounters when internationalizing a business.

To make it simpler and easier to expand abroad and at the same time keep control of all local mandatory administrative tasks and documents is the core idea of Internago’s business.

We believe in lowering thresholds for international business, making it simple, and cheap. The Internago Web Portal enables our customers to save time and keep control from start up to operational mode.

We collaborate with the best and carefully selected local partners to ensure that our customers follow all local rules and regulations.

Our solid experience from international business consulting has made us aware that a company is not static in its development over time. Staff come and leave, laws and regulations change. Therefore Internago is designed to handle all types of changes that are important for you so that you can focus on your company´s core business.

We work with companies of all sizes from all countries, private and public companies. Our interlocutors are often CEO:s, CFO:s and Business Developers that want and need an easy answers to complex questions like “what do I need to know, and do in order to establish a subsidiary and hire personnel on a new market”?

The first step is simple: go online with Internago!