Incorporation – how does it work?

Starting a new company whether its in your home country, or if you are taking a step into new international markets, means that local rules and regulations must be taken into consideration.

There are important decisions to be made regarding company form, ownership, management, and how to handle personnel to maximize the efficiency and minimize the local risks.

By automating and digitizing the administrative part of the internationalization process into the centralized Internago Web Portal, your company can easily get operational on new markets and focus on your core business and operate in full compliance with local laws and regulations as well as keeping the subsidiary under control as the company grows over time.

Simple process – your project will be accompanied by Internago’s experts

1. We kick off with a meeting with our lawyer to discuss your requirements for your new company.

2. You read about the different company forms in information sheets that we will provide for you

3. You select the most appropriate company for your business.

4. You upload all documents to the Internago Web Portal

5. We make the necessary administration offline.

6. Once registration is completed offline, the legal documents are uploaded on the Internago Web Platform.

7. Your registration is ready!

Our team works with you throughout the project making sure you have all information needed in order to move forward with your new company.

You upload all documents and interact directly with our lawyer and other partners through the Internago Web Portal.

Get a full overview of your subsidiaries on all markets

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