Customer Case: Co.Ma SpA sales network acquisition

When Fabio Frozzi, the CEO of Co.Ma SpA decided to approach the Swedish market with the objective to grow the business through business partners, he turned to Internago to discuss a potential collaboration. The company was struggling to understand how to approach the market and was also in need of additional support to their sales staff to avoid losing focus on the running business.

The project 

Initial discussions focused on the strategic approach towards the market and what variables are important to be able to get a good understanding and fast commercial start on the market. Key parameters taken into consideration were market size, purchasing patterns, customer segments, potential business partners, competitive situation and price levels.

The result

Internago delivered a full market study and presented the market results, including an overview of the current situation in a meeting together with CoMa. Internago was then trusted by  Co.Ma to represent them in the initial contacts with potential business partners.

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”I recommend Internago to companies that want to develop their business and grow into new markets.

After the startup, I was updated regularly with the proceedings of the project in a simple and straightforward way.

Everything was with full transparency and the collaboration gave us the desired result”

Fabio Frozzi

CEO, Co.Ma SpA

Internago Business Advisory Services provides hands-on business advisory and support on multiple markets. Our clients are found in various industries and sizes with one common objective: solve their business challenges in a professional and cost efficient way.

About Co.Ma SpA 

Coma Spa is one of Europe’s leading companies in the design and construction of heat exchangers for civil and industrial applications. High quality and the ability to create highly customized solutions, are the cornerstones of the business at CoMa Spa.

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