Internago’s bookkeeping and payroll offering

Bookkeeping on international markets

  • Local teams of accountants ensuring compliance to local regulation
  • Montly financial reporting in format according to company’s needs
  • Technical adaptability to specific reporting formats
  • Tax and VAT filing
  • Advisory of any accounting, legal or financial queries

 International payroll solution

  • Local teams of payroll consultants and accountants ensuring compliance to local regulation
  • GDPR compliant processes and web system
  • Web based and app based expense management system
  • Multiple languages and adaptability to international markets’ preconditions
  • Technical integration to partners’ and customers’ own systems. Our inhouse programming skills enables us to work either as a front-end payroll solution with our own payroll system, or as a backoffice partner for other payroll software companies. Consultants and accounting firms could also use our web modules for time reporting or document handling of sensitive payroll files. 

Online tool to enhance your payroll experience

We assist you with the employment contract by consulting one of our lawyers.

Once the employment contract is in place, we make sure that your employee’s file is valid, and we make necesseary registrations with official administrations

Every month, you upload employment data such as ‘time’, ‘vacation days’, ‘bonus’, ‘travel expenses’ into  the Internago Web Portal

Our payroll agent produces the payroll and uploads it onto the Internago Web Platform. You can communicate directly with the payroll agent and ask for adjustments if needed.

By using the Internago Web Portal you have full overview of all payrolls for all your employees in all your companies at home and on international markets. 

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