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    How to avoid common mistakes when setting up payroll management in a new country

    April 05, 2022 ||

    Introduction When moving into new legal territory, i.e. into a new country, and a new international payroll is set up, a variety of things…

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    What EU countries have the lowest salaries?

    March 29, 2022 ||

    Introduction An integral part of strategic international payroll management is planning the hiring of foreign workers. In turn, a key…

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    Payroll services in France – Maternity leave

    November 11, 2020 ||

    Maternity and paternity leave in France When employees are expecting the birth of a child, naturally they would want to know how their…

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    Register as foreign employer

    September 15, 2020 ||

    Employ and run payroll internationally without setting up a foreign company We often get the question from companies if they need to set up…

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    Nathalie Vautier joins Internago

    July 01, 2020 ||

    We are glad to announce that Nathalie Vautier joins Internago in France as Payroll Director as per 1 July 2020. She comes from PwC where she…

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    How to get a social security number in France

    June 05, 2020 ||

    Social security number – a key for compliant payroll in France If you are recruiting a new employee, he or she must provide you with a…

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