Meet Internago

Our mission is to facilitate and digitalize the internationalization process. We do this by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum.


We are dedicated to reducing administrative work and make your international business more simple with increased control by digitalization.  

After working for many years handling the complexity that comes with establishing subsidiaries internationally, and running payroll with local staff on foreign markets, the founders realized that a digital multi-market solution was needed to solve many of the obstacles a company encounters. 

We believe in lowering thresholds for international business, making it simple, and cost efficient through digitalization. 

This is why we developed the Internago Web Portal, which enables our customers to save time and keep control from start up to operational mode.

Working with Internago means that you have one dedicated project manager that follows your business from the start and as it develops over time. We provide all services related to international business to solve issues to make your international operations as smooth and profitable as possible.

Quality is important to us. We collaborate with the best and carefully selected local partners to ensure that our customers follow all local rules and regulations.

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