About us

Internago AB is a Swedish company founded in 2017.

Our mission at Internago is to facilitate and digitalize the internationalization process. We provide payroll and incorporation services with the objective to make the internationalization process easier and affordable for our customers by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum.

We are specialists in everything that concerns administration for companies when entering new markets.

We currently have offline presence in Paris, Milan and Stockholm, and our objective is to grow with our customers internationally – both online and offline.

Fibonacci spiral

Our logo is inspired by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who worked on the mathematical problem of explaining growth by studying rabbit populations, and eventually came up with the Fibonacci numbers.

The number sequence shows the beauty of mathematics and can also be visualized as an exponential spiral (see image below). Internationalization is (if things go well) often a matter of both financial- and geographical growth, which is why we think it is suitable as inspiration for our logo. You can see it in the “o” in Internago.