There are more than 25 000 foreign companies in France, employing more than 2 million people. The United States is the largest international employer with 312,600 employees followed by Germany, (312,000), then Great Britain (183,000), the Netherlands (165,000), Switzerland (145,000), Belgium (140 000),  Luxembourg (107 000) and comes Sweden (100 000). There are some company forms that are more common than other, but it is also possible to enter the French market without any separate legal entity.   So which is the most suitable establishment form for international companies on the French Market?  This of course depends on what type of activity you want to pursue on the French market. In this short report Internago gives an overview of the most common establishment form for international companies.  Just send us a report request by clicking on the butto below and we will be happy to send it to you for free.